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Dead Ahead Records is an online cassette tape, CD, record, and music store located in Los Angeles, CA. Dead Ahead Records strives to be a quality source of physical music formats for new and vintage media for music collectors.

We are excited to provide cassette tapes, vinyl records, CDs, and music merchandise for music collectors, cassette enthusiasts, and a new generation of music aficionados exploring the charm of physical media. Our store is a sanctuary where timeless music meets vintage formats.

Online Cassette Tape Store

For our dedicated cassette tape collectors, we’ve tried to build an online shop that makes buying cassette tapes online a no-hassle, dependable experience. Our cassette tapes are play tested and graded according to the Goldmine Grading Guide. Our return policy for cassette tapes in intended to make you confident that you can buy cassette tapes from Dead Ahead Records and know you are getting a high-quality product.

Buy Vinyl Records Online

Step back in time and rediscover the warm, rich sound of vinyl records. We curate a diverse collection of classic albums, rare finds, and modern releases that appeal to both seasoned collectors and those just beginning to explore vinyl.

Buy Used Compact Discs Online

For those who appreciate the crystal-clear sound of compact discs, we offer a thoughtfully curated assortment of beloved albums and iconic artists. It’s a unique time for CD collectors, as the format is at an ideal price-to-performance point. We believe the CD market is massively undervalued given the high-quality digital music experience provided. Don’t miss out on rock-bottom prices that are at record lows across the industry.

Thank you for being a part of our music-loving community. At Dead Ahead Records, we’re on a mission to preserve the magic of retro music while inspiring the next generation to embrace the joy of physical media. Come on in, explore the treasures, and let the melodies transport you to a bygone era of music appreciation.

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