Cassette Week 2023 Announced For October 15-21

Cassette Week is a week-long event to celebrate the beloved cassette format featuring exclusive cassette releases.


Cassette Week is a week-long event run by Tapehead City, an online cassette tape store, to celebrate the beloved cassette format. During Cassette Week, Tapehead City and other participating labels and stores release exclusive cassette releases, offer discounts on cassette tapes, and host events and meetups.

If you’re a fan of cassette tapes, Cassette Week is a great time to stock up on new releases and to find some rare and hard-to-find tapes. You can also find out more about Cassette Week and see a list of participating labels and stores on the Cassette Week website.

The first Cassette Week was held in 2018, and it has been held annually since then. In 2023, Cassette Week will take place from October 15-21.

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Cassette Week features cassette releases that will be available exclusively through participating independent record stores across North America.

Many of us that celebrate Cassette Week grew up with cassette tapes. We can tell you the first tape we bought with our allowances, we made mix tapes from the radio, we had cassettes spilling out of the glove compartments and onto the floor of our first cars! But what’s even more exciting is that a new generation is springing up with a desire to engage music in physical formats, and so the cassette format is experiencing a resurgence. Cassette Week is designed to welcome the young and…well…”less young” to celebrate the format that gave us the mixtape and years of memories.

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