Soul Coughing – Ruby Vroom Cassette Tape (Used)


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Released: 1994

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Ruby Vroom is the debut studio album by American rock band Soul Coughing, released in 1994. The album’s sound is a mixture of sample-based tunes (loops of Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse” on “Bus to Beelzebub”, Toots and the Maytals, Howlin’ Wolf, The Andrews Sisters, and The Roches on “Down to This”, and a loop of sampler player Mark Degli Antoni’s orchestral horns on “Screenwriter’s Blues”, among others). It also features guitar-based tunes like “Janine”, “Moon Sammy”, and “Supra Genius” and jazzy, upright-bass-fueled songs that often slyly quoted other material—the theme from Courageous Cat on “Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago”, Thelonious Monk’s “Misterioso” on “Casiotone Nation”, and Bobby McFerrin’s cover of Joan Armatrading’s “Opportunity” on “Uh, Zoom Zip”.

The album sold approximately 70,000 copies, as of April 1996, according to Billboard.



Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago – 3:48
Sugar Free Jazz – 3:55
Casiotone Nation – 3:50
Blueeyed Devil – 4:12
Bus to Beelzebub – 4:33
True Dreams of Wichita – 5:00
Screenwriter’s Blues – 5:08
Moon Sammy – 4:09
Supra Genius – 3:59
City of Motors – 4:38
Uh, Zoom Zip – 3:56
Down to This – 3:49
Mr. Bitterness – 5:32
Janine – 4:58

Label: Slash \ Warner Bros.
Country: United States
Genre: Rock

Vintage cassettes are never perfect and may have some slight audio imperfections. If you have any issues return it for a refund.

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